Leather Studs

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These leather studs are such a fun way to wear leather earrings! With bright colors and fun textures you can build your own three pack of studs from the colors listed. 

Each number indicates a row and each letter indicates a column. Colors are listed below each column from top to bottom. When ordering please list your selections in the special Instructions to seller box. Also, double check to make sure the colors you've chosen is correct before submitting! Studs are only available in packs of three so you must list three colors. 

Options are

A1 Brown Weave

A2 Tan

A3 Brown

B1 Red

B2 Coral

B3 Pink textue

C1 Black and white snakeskin

C2 Tan snakeskin

C3 white snakeskin

D1 Navy

D2 Olive green

D3 Emerald green

E1 Dark gray 

E2 Black weave

E3 Black texture