When do orders ship? 

Orders take approximately 3-5 business days to package and ship. Higher order volumes may be subject to change.

What shipping method do you use? 

All orders are shipped via USPS First Class or Priority unless you request otherwise prior to ordering.

Do you offer international shipping? 

Unfortunately we don’t offer this at this time.

Please see our shipping policy for more details.


Please see our refund policy for details.


Can I get my leather wet? 

No. Leather is not water proof and while all of our earrings are sealed with a water-resistant layer it’s to protect the earrings from everyday wear. We use high-quality full-grain vegetable tanned leather on most of our leather products.

What do I do if my leather does get wet? 

If you do get it wet, simply pat it dry with a towel and allow your leather to dry naturally. Do not place it near heat.

​Can I condition my leather? 

You shouldn't have to condition your leather as it will soften over time from the natural oils in your skin. However, if your leather does start to dry out you can add a light dab of leather conditioner to the backside. ​

Can I apply essential oils to my earrings or necklaces? 

Yes, I recommend adding 1-3 drops to the backsides only. Be aware that overtime your leather items will naturally darken from the natural oils in your skin, so adding essential oils will facilitate this process.


Are leathers earrings heavy?

No! In fact they're so lightweight you'll be pleasantly surprised! Each pair of earrings we offer only weighs about one ounce or less.

I lost one of my earrings! Can I purchase just one? 

Sorry, no. Leather is a natural material varying in thickness, texture, and color making it nearly impossible to match a new earring to an older pair. Always wear your rubber earring backs provided to you with your order.

​Do your earring wires have nickel in them? 

Unless otherwise noted all of our earrings wires are nickel and lead free. Some of the stud styles aren’t nickel free.

Can I request custom colors or hardware? 

Absolutely! Custom requests will take approx 10-15 days to process and ship. Add a note to your order or send an email to chat more about your dream design. 

Didn't see your question here? Send me an email. I'm happy to help!