About F&F

Fiddle & Fern Leathers provides handcrafted leather goods made by a one-woman shop located in the PNW. All of the leathers used are repurposed meaning it's less garbage on our beautiful earth and that each collection is available for a limited time and limited quantity. Each pair of earrings, keychain, necklace, home decor item, etc. is handcrafted with love and care - no machines are used. It's mallets, and cutters, and handworked leather. 

Ever since I could remember I loved being creative with fashion. My grandma got me some paper dolls when I was five years old and I would spend hours getting their outfits just right and then switch them all up. Fast forward to junior high when I would spend the majority of my days drawing dresses and jewelry. Then "the busy life" happened and I lost track of that creative side. I found it again on accident while doing my favorite thing; thrifting! I saw a big bag of leather and thought, "huh, I bet I could do some cool things with that." I haven't stopped working with leather since that day (except when I run out of supplies). I work in town and my weekends are spent at home in the country working in my corner window making beautiful earrings for me and my lovely customers.

By day, I'm a marketing director where I get to do direct the creative for an organization I love; by night and weekend, I get to direct and create for Fiddle & Fern - it's truly a dream come true (pardon the cliche but it really is).